Some Quinn Stats

Stone Valley's Hundred Acre Wood

Birthday: February 2, 2022



Build: English

Chocolate carrying Yellow

Dilute Free

Health Testing

Achromatopsia:  Clear

Alexander Disease:  Clear

CMS:  Clear

CNM:  Clear

Copper Toxicosis A (protective gene)*:  Carrier

Copper Toxicosis B (disease gene)*: Clear

DM:  Clear

Elliptocytosis:  Clear

EIC:  Clear

HNPK:  Clear

HUU:  Clear

MCD:  Clear

Myotubular Myopathy 1:  Clear 

Narcolepsy:  Clear

PRA/crd 4:  Clear

PRA/gr 2:  Clear

PRA/prcd:  Clear

PKD:  Clear

RD/OSD 1*:  Clear

Skeletal Dysplasia 2:  Clear

Stargardt Disease*:  Carrier

Ullrich-like CMD:  Clear

*denotes testing through PPG - other tests done through Embark

- In addition to being clear of the above diseases, Quinn has also been tested clear on an additional 201 diseases through Embark Veterinary! -

CAER (Eyes): 

OFA Patellas: 

OFA Basic Cardiac: 

OFA Hips: 

OFA Elbows: 

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Quinnie The Poo!

Quinn (Piper x Kylo) is the most recent addition to the Stone Valley Lab pack. She is the embodiment of the typical "chocolate lab personality" - smart as a whip, ornery as heck, and full of spunk! We are so excited for what the future holds for her in our program!