Some Mae Stats:

Stone Valley's Midnight Legacy

Birthday: Sept. 16, 2020

Weight: 75lbs

Height: 21 inches

Build: English

Black carrying Yellow & Chocolate

Dilute Free

Health Testing:

Achromatopsia:  Clear

Alexander Disease:  Clear

CMS:  Clear

CNM:  Clear

Copper Toxicosis A (protective gene)*:  Carrier

Copper Toxicosis B (disease gene)*: Clear

DM:  Clear

Elliptocytosis:  Clear

EIC:  Clear

HNPK:  Clear

HUU:  Clear

MCD:  Clear

Myotubular Myopathy 1:  Clear

Narcolepsy:  Clear

PRA/crd 4:  Clear

PRA/gr 2:  Clear

PRA/prcd:  Clear

PKD:  Clear

RD/OSD*: Clear

Skeletal Dysplasia 2:  Clear

Stargardt Disease*: Clear

*denotes testing through PPG - other tests done through Embark 

- In addition to being clear of the above diseases, Mae has also been tested clear on an additional 178 diseases through Embark Veterinary! -

CAER (Eyes): Clear

OFA Patellas: Normal

OFA Basic Cardiac: Normal

OFA Hips Prelim: Excellent

OFA Elbows Prelim: Normal

Mae, Our "Wiggle-Pig"

Sometimes the greatest joys come from the greatest tragedies. I truly believe that is the case with our special girl, Mae. We are so blessed that we were able to keep her here with us and continue the journey we started with her momma, Molly. I tell her everyday that she has big shoes (or paws!) to fill, but she has proven over and over again that she is up for the challenge. She is as close to a carbon copy of her momma that we could probably get, and not just in looks but in her personality as well. 

Mae has completed and received her AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy award, and has completed the next level of obedience training at our local kennel club. We hope to get her CGC title in the near future would love to be able to certify her as a therapy dog (like her momma).

Mae is the first dog that we've gotten involved in dog sports with, and we're hooked! She entered her first AKC Fast CAT trial in July 2022, and we hope for her to earn her BCAT title by the end of the fall! We'd also love to dip our toes in the dock diving arena, as Mae is the epitome of a water dog, and would swim to the point of exhaustion if we would let her. 

There are great things planned for Miss Mae, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for her!