Some Brooks Stats

Stone Valley's Rock Paper Scissors

Birthday: January 25, 2021



Build: English

Health Testing

Achromatopsia:  Clear

Alexander Disease:  Clear

CMS:  Clear

CNM:  Clear

Copper Toxicosis*:  Clear

DM:  Clear

Elliptocytosis:  Clear

EIC:  Clear

HNPK:  Clear

HUU:  Clear

MCD:  Clear

Myotubular Myopathy 1:  Clear

Narcolepsy:  Clear

PRA/crd 4:  Clear

PRA/gr 2:  Clear

PRA/prcd:  Clear

PKD:  Clear

RD/OSD 1*:  Clear

Skeletal Dysplasia 2:  Clear

Stargardt Disease*:  Clear

Ullrich-like CMD:  Clear

*denotes testing through PPG - other tests done through Embark

- In addition to being clear of the above diseases, Brooks has also been tested of an additional 190 

diseases through Embark Veterinary! -

CAER (Eyes): Clear

OFA Patellas: Normal

OFA Basic Cardiac: Normal

OFA Hips Prelim: Good

OFA Elbows Prelim: Normal

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Brooks, our "Water Buffalo!"

Brooks is a handsome full English boy from Ivy Leash Labradors in Indiana! His sire is a wonderful import from Serbia, and has a pedigree full of international show champions! We are so excited to see how this sweet boy matures and hope that he will be everything we are looking for in our future stud!